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February 15-21, 2009
A report from the CIROC Secretary Faith Marie Fonacier de Guzman. Download the PDF file?here.


Word's Week

  • gannet
    1. A large seabird known for catching fish by diving from a height. 2. A greedy person.
  • snipe
    noun: 1. Any of various long-billed birds inhabiting marshy areas. 2. A shot from a concealed position. verb intr.: 1. To shoot from a concealed position. 2. To criticize in a harsh and unfair way, especially anonymously.
  • dodo
    1. An extinct, flightless bird from Mauritius, related to the pigeon but of the size of a turkey. 2. Someone or something that is old-fashioned, ineffective, or outdated. 3. A stupid person.