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February 15-21, 2009
A report from the CIROC Secretary Faith Marie Fonacier de Guzman. Download the PDF file?here.


Word's Week

  • devolve
    verb tr., intr.: To transfer or be passed (duties, rights, powers, etc.) on to another; verb intr.: To deteriorate or degenerate.
  • edify
    To instruct in order to improve the mind or character.
  • parlay
    verb tr.: 1. To use an initial asset to achieve something more valuable. 2. To gamble an initial stake and winnings on a subsequent bet, race, contest, etc.; noun: A bet that uses the earlier bet and its winnings as the new bet.
  • espouse
    1. To adopt or support a cause, idea, belief, etc. 2. To take as spouse: marry.
  • acerbate
    To irritate or to aggravate.